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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Moment of Done.

I sit in my quiet studio, painting.

I am way beyond the thinking, planning, sketching, drawing stages. I am painting. I am in The Zone.

Time stands still. Pain is irrelevant here, although I know that later I will pay the price for this. Outside noises are hushed. Nothing exists here except for brushes, paint and water. I have no hands, I have no eyes,I have no thoughts. I am the brush, I am the paint, I am the water. These things are myself.

I paint. And at some point invention becomes revision. So I sit, revising and revising until...there it is. The Moment of Done.

It is a Mystery. It is beyond talent and training. This is the Gift. Understandng the map of my art. Knowing when to start and knowing when to stop.