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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Committing Art

It is risky. 

It is scary.

It is mysterious and magical.

I still don't understand how it works.

I pick up my pencil, my crayons, my pen, my brush, and the Art happens. It flows out of my hand onto the paper.

My teacher Sarah Reader once said that the mark you make on the paper is the sum total of everything you are at that moment...every input, every influence, every inspiration has been saved inside your subconscious mind and it all coalesces in the moment you make your mark.

That is a powerful thing. 
If people don't like my mark, do they dislike me? 
Of course not. 
They dislike the mark. 
I am not the mark. 
The mark was once me, but I am the moving finger, I have moved on, and now I am someone, something, different. 
Having made that mark, I am something more.

Let go of the need to be liked.

Abandon the desire to be loved.

Lose yourself in your Art.

Allow the Art to become.

Technique is vital to this.
Good materials are vital to this.
A good subject or message are vital to this.

You choose these things.
Having chosen them, you begin, make your first mark, and Commit Art.

It is an act of Confidence.

It is an act of Courage.

It is an act of Faith.

Committing Art is the act of creation, in which you most become like the Creator.

It is Holy.