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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Holiday Gift that costs less than $2.00, but you must spend a few hours also.

What in the world is going on in this studio? Tinsel everywhere! Think of all the gifts you have ever given (well< maybe you can't) and then imagine a few dozen gifts you could make for your dearest friends. Ok, how about a few gifts...let's make it easier..choose one person in your life.
1. Try to remember a moment which you shared with this person. Could have been recent, or  long ago. Could have been funny, or serious, planned or accidental, casuall or passionate.
2. Locate an image which reminds you of that moment. Troll the web, old photo albums, newspspers, magazines, or get your camera/phone/thing and take a photo of your own.
3. Print the photo about an inch smaller than a cardboard box which you find in the back of the closet or tucked in with last year's Holiday gifts.
4. Write the memory from your perspective on top of the may need to put a thin glaze of white gesso over the photo to make a place on which to write. Or use a colored gel pen, light on dark, dark on light. Write so that the words fill up 3/4 of the space.
5. In the reserved 1/4 space, paste a word torn from a newspaper which strikes you that it describes the moment. Don't overthink this........jump at the first word which jumps out at you.Tear it out, let the rough edges show. Paste this word at right angles to the written memory, facing in to it.
6. With some colored pencils or guache, lightly obscure some of the writing, but not so much that it cannot be read.
7. Glue this to the cardboard box. Embellish the other sides of the box if you wish, or leave them as they are.
8. Buy some wild bird seed, and fill the box with it.
9. On a scrap of paper, write the words" Think of me as you feed the birds after the next snowfall". Place the paper on top of the seeds, close the box, tie it shut with string, and giftwrap it for your friend.
10. If you live in a place where the snow seldom falls, substitute the words "next full moon". It's all good.

There. From my studio to yours.

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