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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Running with Scissors

Sometimes it is so quiet in the studio that I swear I can hear the paper rustling in the files.

Sometimes it is so busy that it looks like the aftermath of a tornado. (and having lived through a tornado and seen the aftermath, I know whereof I speak.)

I always carry with me notes on my current projects. I always travel with art supplies. You never know when you will need them. And I want to be ready when a new idea strikes me.

Isn't that an interesting idea hits, or strikes. Like a bolt out of the blue.

Art can be a dangerous thing.

I fret sometimes when I don't have enough energy or time to work on a project which is calling out to me. But I suspect a worse danger would be to ignore the call of inspiration, because there may come a time when I can't hear the call if I keep on ignoring it.

Artists have always lived on the edge. The Garret of Starvation is real.  It  is Hunger which drives us to create, a lust more powerful than procreation.

Run with the scissors. Live on the edge. Be the Artist. It's gonna be okay.

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  1. As I wrote this, unknown to me, a killer tornado struck Joplin, Missouri. Hundreds of people were killed, thousands injured, homeless, jobless, with no possessions left in the world. And I sit here fretting about my studio. I must make a piece of art and send it to the emergency shelter, so people can look up and find hope.