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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finding the Place

 Where do you create? What happens when you open the door to your creative space? Do you enter a place where your art flows to completion or a place where you are met by the obligations of unfinished projects?

How easy it is to listen to a new creative muse, and then stall or get sidetracked into other projects! How do you organize your creative flow?

I am a great lover of trays and flat baskets. I have ELFA systems with wire drawers in my studio. I use them to house projects in process, as well as the tools and materials of my work. This frees up the white counter space so I can easily find room to start something new or finish something waiting.

Sometimes the key to finding a place to work consists mre in finding a place to store the stuff in your studio than in finding a counter space. 

A few questions to ponder when planning your studio:

Do you prefer uncluttered places or places filled with inspiring objects?
Do you need a large work surface or a small one?
Is natural light important to you, or do you use artificial lighting?
Do you need absolute privacy and control over your environment or can you work in a commonly shared space?

The door to your creativity is not always the physical door to a studio.

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